A Week of More Doctors

This morning I have another doctors appointment with-NEUROLOGY. Why? Because I was told it was needed for me to get a referral to Pain Medicine (apparently my former primary care likes to write interesting referrals). I do not like this neurologist. I will likely sit there for an hour before I am called back into the room, wait another half hour before she comes in for only five minutes and then sends me on the way with more meds full of side effects.

I have still not received word on my MRI. I called trying to find out about it as well as if a prior authorization had been taken care of yet so I can fill a prescription. Last night was a no sleep night so I am worn out already today.

Later this week, I then have an appointment with rheumetology to follow up from the first appointment where I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. After the blood pressure issues, there’s no way I will accept any medications that can cause the hypertension. Almost a month after discontinuing, it still has not returned to where it was before these meds.

I’m extremely frustrated. I have a very limited support system in getting through this. I hate going to the doctor.

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  1. You poor dear. You’ve been through the wringer. I’m saying another prayer for you. I have empathy for you. I don’t think Doctor’s truly get the chronic and horrible pain unless they themselves have actually been through it.

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