A Pet Owner’s Guide to Saving Money on Pet Medications

A Pet Owner’s Guide to Saving Money on Pet Medications 1

As responsible and loving pet owners, we try to provide our loyal four-legged companions with whatever they need to keep them healthy and happy. Devoted owners sometimes have to stretch their budgets to come up with the funds necessary if their sweet pooch or kitty is in need of a medication to combat an illness, control pain or protect them from itchy fleas or dangerous heartworms. Luckily, there are a few things pet parents can do to keep the costs of pet medication down without compromising the health and safety of their furry best friends:

A Pet Owner’s Guide to Saving Money on Pet Medications 2•Prevention is Key: Treating a disease is oftentimes more costly than preventing it. For example, giving your deserving pooch a monthly heartworm preventative will save you the big expense of heartworm treatment including diagnostic testing and medications. Not to mention saving your sweet pup from going through a scary and life-threatening ordeal. So, choosing to spend on some preventative pet medications may actually save money in the long run.
•Order in Bulk: Most popular flea preventatives, likeK9 AdvantixA Pet Owner’s Guide to Saving Money on Pet Medications 3 and Advantage Flea ControlA Pet Owner’s Guide to Saving Money on Pet Medications 4
, are available in different quantity packs. Typically, opting for the twelve month pack will save you more money per dose than the three month pack.
•Go Generic: Talk to your pet’s veterinarian about whether or not there’s a generic form of the medication they’re prescribing. For instance, a commonly prescribed pain medication called Rimadyl is available in a generic form called Novox. Both medications contain the same active ingredient, but Novox is typically less expensive.
•Order Online: By shopping online for all of your pet med needs, pet owners can save a significant amount of money. Online pet pharmacies are able to offer lower prices on both prescription and over-the-counter pet medications than most veterinarians and pet stores. Ordering online is safe too, just make sure the online retailer you’re ordering from is U.S. based and either LegitScript or Vet-VIPPS approved.
Always be sure to discuss any new medications, questions or concerns with your pet’s veterinarian.

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