8 Things to Expect when your Child Starts Schooling

8 Things to Expect when your Child Starts Schooling 1

We all know that children grow up quick these days and after just a few years under your protective wing, before you know it they’re up and off to school on their own. As you wave them off at the school gate you’re going to feel emotional and proud… but also probably completely unaware at just how much life is about to change now they are heading into big person land. Before you know it, your five-year-old will be bringing home unsavory germs and telling you they need support with IT. They say knowledge is power, so if that scares you – here is our list of 8 things you might need to be ready for!

Peer Pressure

So suddenly your child is going to be mixing with lots of other children, some the same age, some older, but all from families that do things differently to you. You must therefore be prepared that they are going to want the trainers you never wanted them to have and that, undoubtedly, you are going to cave in to pressure. Our advice is – start saving now!

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School Trips

It won’t be long before you’ll be bombarded with school trips, so be prepared. Firstly you are going to have to get used to releasing the strings and letting them go off on a museum trip without your watchful eye and secondly, be prepared for when they come home asking for several hundred pounds so they can go on the week’s holiday with their classmates!

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I know, you have made a huge effort to keep your little ones away from the computer because you were told that too much screen time is bad, but forget all that now because the minute they start school they become part of the computer generation. If your child is still into soft toys right now ensure your heart (and your pocket) makes the most of it because in no time at all you can expect requests for gadgets and a laptop for homework.

Learning with Computers


For a 4-5 year old school is a big leap, and it only gets tougher as they get older so make allowances for tiredness-related grumps. Ensuring you give your children plenty of time to chill out when they get home will alleviate the yawns and gently encouraging homework by doing it alongside them, might help them adjust to their new schedule.



Make sure you stock your cupboards with vitamin-rich food and your medicine cabinet with supplies when your little one starts school, because there’s going to be a whole lot more germs coming home with their dirty uniform! Kids mix with lots of children all day, every day, and undoubtedly they are going to pick up numerous bugs. Ensuring their (and yours) immune system is fighting fit will help minimise sick days.

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Up until this point you have been your child’s world – I hope you have made the most of it! From now on you’re going to hear a lot of “but Mrs so-and-so says…” Be sure to point out that while their teacher may be the voice of knowledge and learning, YOU are still their main guide and mentor.

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Letters Home

When your children start school the one thing that will be definite is that you’ll be checking their bag pretty much daily for a letter home. From offering your support at the local fete, to making a costume for Victorian day to baking cakes for the school raffle; you’ll be expected to produce at a moment’s notice and give your time when required. School is going to make life busy for you, as well as your children!



Without a doubt the minute your child begins school they will be starting on their own road in life. The fact that they will be spending vast periods of time with their friends and not you, as well as developing confidence in the playground and going on school trips, means they will begin to feel much more independent. Instead of feeling surplus to requirements, ensure you offer positive support to them on this journey and fill their spare time with fun and exciting activities so that they still value your input!

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