6 Bad Reasons To Not See Your Doctor

6 Bad Reasons To Not See Your Doctor 1

6 Bad Reasons To Not See Your Doctor 2

Many of us make up excuses for not visiting the doctor, even if we do have a health concern. Here are just 6 common reasons why people put off seeing their GP, as well as an explanation as to why each one of these reasons is poor.  


‘I can’t afford it’

A single checkup isn’t going to bankrupt you. Besides, if you haven’t got health insurance or any other scheme, there are still other forms of funding that you can use such as these 0% interest medical loans. You may also be able to seek help from a medical advocate, who may be able to shop for cheap treatment if you physically cannot afford it. If all this fails, you can even start a fundraiser to get treatment. None of this is likely to be needed for a checkup, however it could help you to afford any further appointments if needed.

‘I haven’t got the time’

A doctor’s checkup isn’t going to take up huge amounts of your time. Most employers will allow you to take the time off. If you really don’t want to take any time off or aren’t available during normal hours due to doing nightshifts, there are still 24/7 out-of-hours clinics available and hotlines for getting a diagnosis.

‘I don’t trust my doctor’

If you don’t trust your doctor, the simple solution is to get a new one. You can bring this up with your clinic, or visit another clinic. If you don’t trust all doctors, then you may need to reconsider your mindset – you may have had several bad experiences in the past, but there are reliable doctors out there. Read online reviews if you really want to find the best doctors.

‘It will go away eventually’

As optimistic as this is, some conditions don’t just naturally disappear. If the problem is getting worse, it’s usually a clear sign that things aren’t about to go away and you should see a doctor before the condition gets really bad. By continuing to ignore a condition that’s getting worse, you could be putting yourself at danger, as well as increasing the cost of treatment and the recovery time.

‘I’m afraid of what it may be’

If you suspect that it’s something serious, hiding from a diagnosis won’t make it go away. Most serious conditions don’t automatically result in a death sentence – even it’s cancer, most cases can now be cured with radiation therapy. You’re always better facing up to it. Besides, it could be nothing – you’ll never know unless you see a doctor.

‘I’m too embarrassed’

Certain conditions can seem embarrassing. You may not want a doctor prodding you in certain places, but you’ve got to remember that it will be for your own good. As for having to discuss embarrassing symptoms, doctors know how to handle such cases professionally. In fact, they’ve probably encountered worse symptoms from other patients. Whether it’s spots in private places, excessive flatulence or an injury during a sexual act, you should never be too shy to see a doctor.

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