5 Top tips for a fun Family vacation

5 Top tips for a fun Family vacation 1

A family vacation is one of the biggest highlights of your year, where you and your children can escape the stresses of everyday life and enjoy some fun quality time together. 

However, planning the perfect trip requires a lot of hard work, even more so when you’ve got little ones to consider.

With that in mind, here are five top tips for a fun family vacation. 

1. Book in advance

Acting on impulse or leaving things down to luck or chance might’ve worked in the past. However, when you’ve got children you need to have a plan in place.

So when it comes to your holiday activities, book things in advance where you can. In doing so, you’ll save yourself both time and money when you arrive. Plus, your children will have stuff to look forward to from the get-go.

To find fantastic vacay activities for all the family use GetYourGuide – it gives you access to discounts for attractions from the Eifel Tower to the Sagrada Familia

2. Plan some surprises

If there’s one thing guaranteed to keep your children happy and well behaved during your vacation, it’s planning a few surprises. 

Whether it’s a visit to a mystery attraction or a surprise guest joining you on the trip, your kids will love knowing there’s something special coming up and you’ll enjoy seeing their reaction when your superb surprise is unveiled. 

3. Let your kids lead

Planning a fun-filled trip for your kiddies might make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. However, constantly being in charge of the planning can start to take its toll after a while.

Lighten your load by letting your kids take the lead some of the time. Whether it’s letting them plan a full day of the trip or putting them in charge of Google Maps, they’ll enjoy the responsibility and be less likely to act up because things aren’t going their way. 

4. Travel by car

What could be more fun that heading to the airport in your family car, with your kids strapped up in the back and some top tunes playing on the radio? 

So next time you travel, give public transport a miss and travel by car instead. And make sure you book your parking as early as possible to secure a low-cost spot. A great place to find discounts is comparison platform Looking4.com – it has deals for global hubs from Melbourne to Miami. 

5. Have some ‘you’ time

When you spend all of your time looking after your children it’s okay to crave a little bit of ‘you time’ during your break.

So if you’re travelling with another adult such as your partner or a family friend, speak with them beforehand and see if they’ll look after the kids for a few hours while you do something that’s just for you like seeing a show, visiting a museum or going on a walk. 

The time on your own will do you good and make the remaining time with your children all the more special.  

What are your top tips for a fun family vacation? Share them in the comments section.


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