5 Habits of Safe Drivers

Habits are what keep us going when willpower runs out. They are a force to be reckoned with and as a parent, you have to keep a firm but patient eye on the habits in your life and those of your kids. They can be hard to change, but often, life requires us to do so. 

Having kids, for example, requires us to reconsider our habits. That is why we have come up with this handy list of simple tips and tricks you can easily establish in your own routine to become a safer driver.

Broadly speaking, they are

  1. Keep distractions at bay
  2. Understand decisiveness is more prudent than slowness
  3. Keep your car in good shape
  4. Download stuff for long road trips
  5. Sleep well


An accident occurs every 1.25 minutes in Florida due to distracted driving. It’s the most common reported reason for automotive accidents. 

Denver car accident lawyer Lampert & Walsh deal with accidents due to distracted driving on the daily. Their recommendation is, “make it a habit not to fix your makeup, send a text, or mess with the kids while driving. Have a music playlist ready so you’re not flipping through your iTunes library, and don’t eat while driving.

These small changes – though a little inconvenient — can drastically change your risk levels while out on the road, which helps protect other drivers, too. You want to keep your controls and your music steady as well. The dashboard can quickly become a distraction if you make fidgeting with the radio a habit. This goes double in cars where there is no steering wheel control for the radio.

Distractions for the driver can include talking to passengers, yelling at pets or children, and taking pictures or otherwise using your phone. Often the GPS itself becomes a distraction, especially when the driver is in an unfamiliar area or there is backseat driving happening. The largest unreported cause of accidents is indecisiveness. 


Backseat drivers can distract drivers and lead to accidents. If you are not in the passenger seat and you notice the person in control of the vehicle is about to make a mistake in some form or another, you do not have to keep silent—in fact, you should probably speak up. The important part is to watch your volume and tone when you do so. 

The other important factor for backseat drivers is to remember that at the end of the day they are simply not in control. A backseat driver cannot try to wrest control from the person at the wheel through manipulation or otherwise because ambiguity between two decisions on the road often ends in tragedy. 

Car Maintenance 

This is an obvious one. The most important things to check, especially before heading out on ling road trips are the car’s tire pressure and oil levels. A car with no oil is a supreme hazard, as it can burst into flames and literally explode. 

Checking oil levels is very simple. Nowadays, it is something every man and woman should know how to do. 

Road Trip Tips.

Don’t fall asleep at the wheel!! Many people report that cars make them sleepy. With all the content available online, though, it is a simple matter to find stuff you and your family can share on the road. This can include a repertoire of good old fashion mind games like I Spy and the What Animal Am I? It is worth the Google search. 

The other alternative, obviously, is download some content from a podcast, e-book, or video platform. (The video option should remain reserved for non-drivers, obviously). 

Sleep Well

Another way to prevent falling asleep at the wheel during long, tedious drives is to ensure that you sleep well the night before. Otherwise, you should be willing to pull over and take a nap for the safety of everybody on the road. Pride is an unwise motive for driving decisions!

There are more than 2 million Americans who suffer from sleep apnea. This disorder can prevent a good night of rest. If you have sleep apnea or anything in your life that could cause spontaneous overwhelming fatigue, you should handle your condition before making the decision to take your family to the lake for the weekend. 


Driving with your family in the car is a huge responsibility. The biggest dangers for a parent driver are being distracted and falling asleep at the wheel. To avoid a tragedy, be decisive, stay hydrated, and rest well. What tricks do you use on the road?

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