4 Benefits of Sleep for Home Decorators& Designers

Many people forgo sleep for many reasons. As an interior designer or decorator, you may fail to get enough sleep due to backlogs in work from clients. You may get the projects done in time, within the short term. However, in the long run, insufficient sleep will get to you and you will suffer from fatigue or even get in embarrassing office situations where you fall off your desk during presentations. The benefits of sleep are much better on high quality mattresses and they include:

  1. You get smarter when you get enough sleep

Anyone in the home décor industry will chant to you about the importance of creative designs. When you fail to get enough sleep, your creativity and sharpness reduces.

Your brain gets a lot of juggled information when you are awake. Since you are in a constant state of motion, and seeing/learning, your brain hardly gets the chance to process all this information and missing pieces. Sleep is the time for your brain to order things around and also declutter. All unnecessary information is tossed while important information is stored in the memory in an orderly manner.

Ideas and redecorating styles/designs come a lot easier after a goodnight’s sleep.

  1. Brightened mood

Do you feel cranky after tossing and turning all night? Well, the first cause of this could be a poor mattress and you can get a replacement or mattress upgrade at the City Mattress. You do not want to face your clients feeling annoyed and angry at them. You may also recommend the mattresses to your clients as you redecorate their bedrooms.

Good sleep puts you in a better mood and you feel rejuvenated and ready to take on all challenges after a good night’s sleep. Ask how this is possible?

Well, sleep gives your brain and body the chance to rest. Energy is reserved and you wake up feeling fresher. Cortisol levels are high at night and when you don’t sleep you wake up with high cortisol blood levels, making you stressed, cranky and may eventually result in depression.

  1. Weight loss

You’ve probably heard this. This is because when you get good quality sleep, your chances of resisting the extra cookies is high. This has been attributed to lowered appetite because of lowered ghrelin levels when in deep sleep.

When you sleep less or fail to sleep, your appetite increases due to heightened ghrelin levels. Leptin hormone is responsible for making you feel full. However, insufficient sleep decreases leptin, making you feel full only after overeating.

In your line of work, you may have to sit for long hours designing and redesigning.  Work out time could also be minimal for you. This may also mean that you will snack a lot as you burn the midnight oil. This is ill advised. If you can’t find time to work out, have a well- planned day to give you at least 7 hours of sleep.  Weight loss builds your confidence and makes pitching for jobs easier.

  1. Ease of decision making

Dealing with erratic clients can really mess your day. To ensure that you easily make the right decisions for your company and the client, get enough sleep. You will be calmer and you will become the voice of reason, literally. This is also associated with the fact that sleep guards your heart.


In conclusion, the home décor field requires a lot of creativity, assertiveness and healthy brains/body, and a high level of professionalism. You can be on top of your game by getting enough sleep every night. This is important for all people and makes it the reason why a home decorator will recommend or buy high quality mattress for your home.


Author Bio

Johnson Snell is a home décor artist who ran into losses as a result of overworking and not sleeping. He understands the effects of insufficient sleep especially in the ’macho’ guys and recommends sleeping for higher and better business performance. Read his review on City Mattress to determine the best mattress for you and your clients.

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