3 Week Post-Surgery Follow-up

3 Week Post-Surgery Follow-up 1

This past week, I had my post-op surgery appointment from having my gallbladder out earlier this month. After surgery, my surgeon had told me that my issues honestly probably started while I was pregnant with Kelsie. When he told me I had seventeen stones and chronic inflammation, yeah…I can now understand the pain. I’m stunned I lasted as long as I did. Apparently, many women of childbearing age have issues with their gallbladder, even some WHILE pregnant require surgery. I guess you can say the twins just finally killed it for me.

The thing I found funny was so many people telling me “You’ll be fine in a couple days”. Yeah…it’s not like that at all LOL. Maybe it’s because of giving birth to twins recently but who knows. I told my surgeon I called the pain “Phantom pain”. Now it’s not nearly severe as the attack I had before we decided it was time for surgery (I still would have rather been in labor than that pain.) but your body definitely has to adjust.

My surgeon told me to expect a few more weeks of the random aches and pains and tiredness as my body re-adjusts. I’m learning first hand that your body DOES react differently to losing your gallbladder. Trust me, it might be an organ they can take out completely but there’s differences. I’m just glad that I can eat again! (Another post to come on that, breastfeeding and a liquid diet just doesn’t work too well)

My incisions are still there and have “knots” under them. It’s odd to be that they still have scabs and haven’t faded fully to scars but my surgeon said it was normal and that the knots under each would go away as well in the coming weeks.

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  1. Hi Jenna!

    I was coming to add my giveaway to your linky (from Simply Stacie’s) and this picture caught my eye. I’m actually getting my gallbladder taken out next week.

    I’m super anxious about it. Like whoa anxious. So how do you feel now? I’ve been dealing with this stupid gallbladder since October! I don’t have stones but I have this thing called adenomyomatosis…basically it’s like a thickened gallbladder wall. I have pain all. the. time. And nausea. I’ve had to change my diet completely. Bleh.

    But it’s good to hear a true honest account. So many people, like the ones who talked to you, have given me the “fluffy sprinkle happy” story about getting it removed. So thank you for that!!


    1. Hi Hun!

      First of all, good luck! I can only imagine holding out for how long you have with that pain. I said I would have rather been in labor than deal with the “attack” pain.

      I am better but my body is still adjusting. I was stunned when they told me regular diet…yes, you can eat normal but be prepared for other “issues” if you catch me. It definitely is better but not 100% normal I’d say.

      I hope you heal quicker than I did. I don’t know if it’s from having the twins or what that caused me the extra issues but hopefully, it won’t happen for you!

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