12 DIY Gifts for your BFF

12 DIY Gifts for your BFF 1

Aren’t best friends the greatest?  Think about how many times you’ve relied on, confided in, and spent countless hours just yakking away with your BFF…amazing, right?  Once you find that person that you can trust and depend on, a true life-long friendship is formed.  Sometimes, it’s nice to show your BFF how much you truly appreciate them and all that they do for you.  Heading to the store and buying them a gift off the shelf can feel a little too impersonal…but gifting them a DIY gift that you created, just for them?  Perfect.  If you find that you are wanting to gift your BFF with something homemade and amazing, here are some fun options and suggestions to help!

12 DIY Gifts for your BFF 2

1. DIY Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet.  Super simple, and smells great.  You literally only need four items to create a gift for your BFF that they can enjoy and wear every day!

2.  DIY Lip Balm.  Not just any lip balm…but lip balm made with olive oil.  A fun, creative and unique gift to show your BFF that you were thinking of them and appreciate them!

3.  DIY Marbled Nail Polish Mug.  Looking for the perfect coffee mug to gift to your bestie?  Why not create your own with this totally unique marbled nail polish mug!

4.  Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix Jar.  Seriously, who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies?  Give your BFF the gift of deciding when she wants to make her fresh homemade cookies with this fun jar full of everything needed to have warm, gooey cookies ready in a flash.

5.  DIY Rock Wire Jewelry Necklace.  Calling all creative and craft lovers.  This is a beautiful gift option and is sure to be one that your BFF cherishes for years to come.

6.  DIY Beard Balm.   Need a great gift for the male best friend in your life?  Look no further than this super simple beard balm recipe!

7.  Easy Sew NFL Blanket.  Does your BFF also happen to be a lover of football?  This super snuggly soft blanket may be the perfect gift for them!

8.  DIY Coffee Soap.  Give the gift of smelling like a smooth cup of coffee all day long with this tantalizing soap.

9.  DIY Fruit Basket.  Saying thanks with a basket of healthy fruit is always a great option to show your best friend how much you appreciate them!

10.  DIY Rose Bath Bombs.  Bath bombs are a great gift to give your BFF for relaxation and spa-like tranquility at home.  Not only are these beautiful, they smell great too!

11.  Homemade Strawberry Vodka.  Cheers to a fun and simple gift that your best friend is sure to enjoy!  A great option to gift on a hot summer day!

12.  Summer Earring DIY.  Give the gift of fashion and fun to your best friend with these cool and funky DIY summer earrings.

Saying “thank you” to your BFF with a unique gift can be so much fun!  Try a few of the suggested gift options above or have fun exploring other creative options as well.  No matter what, the best part is that you have found such a great best friend to be able to appreciate and say thank you too!

 Do you have a favorite DIY gift? 

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