10 Great/Awful Things About Television Today

This is My 3rd 10 On Tuesday!

10 Great/Awful Things About Television Today
1. Awful-ER Coming to an END! I remember watching that when I was really little!
2. Great-There are alot of awesome dramas on TV (Law and Order:SVU, CSI, OTH)
3. Awful-MTV really isn’t Music television anymore, Am I Right?
4.Great-There are alot more educational shows for children versus all the violent cartoons there used to be on ALL the time(I know they’re still there but I’d rather have Caillou on then Power Rangers or something)
5.Awful-It might be the postpartum hormones, but I’m CRYING ALOT THIS SEASON-One Tree Hill, ER, And I know this Thursday CSI is going to make me BAWL!
6.Great-I actually enjoy watching the news believe it or not.
7.Awful-Too many freaking reality shows!
8.Great-Steven and I can actually agree on some of the shows to watch with the lineup!
9.Awful-While I enjoy watching the news, some of the portrayal of events is just OUT THERE.
10. GREAT-Ha Cuddle time with the Hubby!!

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