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Wordless Wednesday:Sibling Best Friends #WW #Linky

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I can not believe how much my sweet children grow. There’s never a dull moment in our family that’s for sure. I’m so proud of each and every one of my babies. While they sometimes fight for what seems like an eternity, they are sibling best friends.

Daughters MommyJenna

Iowa Twins

Mom, we need shades!

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About Jenna Goodwin

Jenna Goodwin, Central Iowa Mom Blogger, is the mom of four, including identical twin boys. Jenna writes about life as a mom of multiples, living with fibromyalgia, and the latest must-have products for your entire family. Named Ames' Number One Twitterer by Iowa State Daily, Jenna stays active within the online social community and enjoys sharing her experiences as a parent as well as great finds to help the entire family.


  1. Love the pictures, your kids are gorgeous!

  2. Sweet kiddos! I always tell mine that they will ALWAYS have each other – even if they don’t have anyone else.

  3. Those twins look like two little ruffians ready to take on the world. I wouldn’t mess with them if I were you! Too cute. When little girls smile why do they look like they’re just showing you their teeth? hahahahahaha My girls do that too! LOL

  4. I seriously can’t believe what little men the boys are growing into!

  5. Awwww I always joke they love to make each other miserable but love each other incredibly. Johnny says he’ll deny of asked lol

  6. I can totally relate. These girls spend all day bickering and now I find them curled up together asleep.

  7. So sweet! My brother and I did our fair share of fighting too, but we’ve always been close.

  8. Carolyn G says:

    Your kids are so adorable!

  9. They’re simply adorable!

  10. They do grow up quick!

  11. We always tell the kids to stop fighting because once we’re gone they’ll only have each other. Plus Nathan better be nice to Lucie, because I’m sure at some point he’ll be living in her basement.

  12. Great pictures. What a lovely family.

  13. It’s all those sweet moments that make up for the frustrating ones, right??

  14. They are so cute! The boys sure need those shades, lol.

  15. You have a lovely family. It seems like mommas blink and their kids are preschoolers, then blink again and they are in elementary school, then blink one more time and they are teenagers. My mom was right, time DOES move faster when you’re older.

  16. All of your kids are super adorable!!

  17. Rachel Young says:

    they are SOO cute!!! Aw, I love when I can get sweet photos like that haha it doesnt happen often!

  18. Cute pictures, they do grow fast

  19. There’s nothing as great as having a sibling to fight and play with! Great shots!

  20. Your kidlets are simply adorable!!!

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