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Wordless Wednesday:What Happens When You’re Cleaning

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This week we had a surprise visit from family driving up from Florida. Well, we were cleaning before they got here and Nathan had other plans….

2013-04-22 11.46.32 2013-04-22 11.46.48 2013-04-22 11.46.58I guess he takes after Mom though and at least he picked the cereal with John Cena on the box 😉

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  1. You should have given him the vacuum and let him suck it up! 😉

    • Jenna Goodwin says:

      LOL the twins are actually afraid of the vacuum LOL. Now though they like to attack the vacuum, push it over, and pull on the cord to unplug it. I started sweeping and he was trying to grab it out of the dustpan.

  2. That looks like my house. My toddler is ALWAYS getting into the pantry and making a mess!!!

  3. I just put safety’s on all my cabinets. Sawyer was loving my pots and pans!

  4. But mom, they taste so gooooood!!!

  5. LOL! Kids always have impeccable timing, right? 😉

  6. Uh-oh! Now that’s a colorful mess!

  7. Lol, love it!

  8. Oh no! &It had to be something with little tiny pieces too.

  9. That looks like more fun than then cleaning!!

  10. It never fails that right after I clean someone makes a huge mess right where I just cleaned. Ugh.

  11. Carolyn G says:

    OMG hilarious. I am sorry you had to clean that up though.

  12. Awww! My youngest was always good for that too. Funny.

  13. Oh my gosh! Kallie Jane does this ALL OF THE TIME! It drives me nuts!

  14. What a BIG HELPER ;).

  15. LOL! Hilarious. It seems like this type of thing always happens whenever I clean. (Even though my kids are bigger)

  16. Uh-oh!!And it always happens right after you clean up!!

  17. Just when you think its safe to go to the bathroom for a second you come out to find something like this! I’m sure you weren’t happy at the time to find this mess but years from now you will look back at this picture and smile!

  18. He was only helping. This is his version of cleaning! LOL. At least its an easy sweep up

  19. At least it was after you cleaned so you didn’t have to worry if he ate any off the floor 😛 Kids never cease to ‘fix’ any cleaned areas…

  20. You gota love them :-). We get messes like that around here too.

  21. This is exactly how my littles “help” clean, too! :) Cute!!!

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