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Baby Laughing at Reflection

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If I was to put up a camcorder in our home, you’d find yourself laughing and at times, wanting to pull your hair out at the chaos.

I didn’t sleep much last night as I got sick with a cold (possibly strep throat) that has set me in a fibro flareup. When Nathan woke up, I decided to try getting him to lay down and relax while I rested and played on my Kindle. Sure enough, Nathan wanted to play.

It’s dark for a few until I turn on the light but it will be worth it!

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Jenna Goodwin, Central Iowa Mom Blogger, is the mom of four, including identical twin boys. Jenna writes about life as a mom of multiples, living with fibromyalgia, and the latest must-have products for your entire family. Named Ames' Number One Twitterer by Iowa State Daily, Jenna stays active within the online social community and enjoys sharing her experiences as a parent as well as great finds to help the entire family.


  1. An Exercise In Frugality says:

    oh my goodness, what a bundle of chubby cheeked cuteness! lol I love baby giggles. None of my own yet, but hopefully that will change soon. So cute! :)

  2. oh goodness!! So cute!!

  3. he is too stinking cute, Nathan!!

  4. Babies and mirrors are soooo cute! I had this adorable one of Nick on my tablet. Then my tablet died, and I hadn’t backed up the video, so I lost it :-(.

  5. Oh my goodness, he is so cute! I want to sqeeze his little cheeks. lol

  6. That is a super cute baby and laugh!

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