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Wordless Wednesday:I’m not a food blogger….

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I am definitely not a food blogger BUT….here are some food pictures for you…courtesy my “kitchen”. I have a very grumpy and mean teething baby on me right now and the thought process just isn’t working tonight. ENJOY!

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About Jenna Goodwin

Jenna Goodwin, Central Iowa Mom Blogger, is the mom of four, including identical twin boys. Jenna writes about life as a mom of multiples, living with fibromyalgia, and the latest must-have products for your entire family. Named Ames' Number One Twitterer by Iowa State Daily, Jenna stays active within the online social community and enjoys sharing her experiences as a parent as well as great finds to help the entire family.


  1. OOOH!!! Are those cheese sticks I spot?! YUM!

  2. Glad I just ate, otherwise I’d be hungry for naughty food. :)

  3. Still looks pretty darn yummy to me!

  4. Karen says:

    Don’t have to be a food blogger to appreciate good food.

  5. Everything looks really really god especially those rolls. LOL

    Happy WW!

  6. Mmmm, these look very delicious!

  7. You may not be a food blogger but you seem to be an awesome cook!

  8. Carolyn G says:

    Those look god enough to me! Now I am hungry!

  9. …I do love food! :)

  10. They don’t look too bad to me!

  11. You may not be a food blogger, but what you cooked up looks delicious!

  12. Maryann says:

    those rolls look good.

  13. Looks yummy! I hear you on the teething. My toddler’s getting his 2 year molars and they are the worst ones yet!

  14. I love the first shot… breaded chicken is it?

  15. How did you know I skipped dinner and needed pics to boost my appetite back up? Happy WW!

  16. Looks like some great meals!

  17. For a non-food blogger, it looks mighty yummy :)

  18. And… now I’m starving. :)

  19. Ooooh yum. Those rolls look yum. YUM!!!

  20. everything looks delicious!

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